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Real Good, Contact Advice.

Whether it’s distributor or wholesale enquires, skincare/product advice, sponsorship, partnerships or product feedback, even ideas and collaborations… we want to hear from you.

Emails from the real, good blokes in Nigeria, will be read, considered and respectfully declined, same goes for the legends out at sea on the oil rigs… we appreciate you wanting to pay us 10 times our asking price, but we are real, good men… not real, shit blokes.

Our offices are based in Melbourne, we will be open to wholesale enquiries, purchases and a real, good chat.
We will sell direct to the public, small business and wholesalers. If you make the effort to come see us, we will show you the same courtesy and give you a real, good deal.

Come in and see us. (by appointment ONLY)

Email using form provided or call us on: 03 9822 0111


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1355 High St, Malvern
VIC 3144

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