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The Art of Getting Something Other than The Obligatory Pair of Socks this Christmas

By December 12, 2017 News No Comments

That all blokes don’t care about what they get for Christmas is but a big fat lie. Some actually do have something in mind, and they expect to have more than having to put on a happy face as they unwrap the comfy pair of socks that they receive every year. It’s time for the vicious cycle to end and for people to know, but how? If you’re a guy, here is a list of ways to drop hints and to your loved ones to get something you actually want this holiday.

Timing is Everything

Well, timing and placement! Like the conveniently placed magazine that you know contains an ad or write of just that item you really want.  And the timing of your “That looks cool” reaction as she flicks by it or scrolls past it on her social feed.  If the casual approach doesn’t get acknowledgment then don’t be afraid to try it again, repetition and frequency is key.

Manipulate Your Fate

If there are no ads to help you at this time, learn to create opportunities for your hint dropping. Visit shops with your girlfriend where you know you’ll find the item that you desire. Stare for a long minute. Not too wistful, but enough to indicate interest. Keep looking until your girlfriend stops walking and takes notice of what is occurring, then move along. Or let her catch you casually browsing your desired item’s website while you hang out together with enough opportunity for her to catch glimpse of that Shave Pack.

Remember, then Insinuate

Casually drop that time somebody gave the gift you like to somebody else, and say something positive about the important moment that transpired. “Hey did you know that Matt’s been using a men’s skincare range, I think it’s called Black Leopard or something.  Apparently Katie got it for him last Christmas and he’s been hooked ever since.”

The Poor-Me Approach

This is a less subtle move than the others, but great risks may equate to greater rewards. While hanging out, you can state the exact item and say that you’re wondering when you can buy it, if only you have the time or money. You can add a halfway frown for emphasis. Change the subject, but be observant of your girlfriend’s reaction, you don’t want to overdo it.

The great thing about dropping hints is it is neither persuasion nor coercion; you’re giving the gift-giver the confidence that it’s their great idea to give you a totally awesome gift this Christmas and that you are not some materialistic person. You’re a gentleman with taste, and Black Leopard Skincare can certainly make you feel the part. You can order from us now, or perhaps just keep dropping hints to have get it as a gift.

And what the hell, if all else fails you can just leave this article open on the shared iPad, it’ll scream out with “Hi honey, get me this.  Thanks.”

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