The Black

Leopard Man

As a society we are aspirational and desire the things furthest from our reach. That makes us hungry, impatient and on the lookout for the next product, service or place to attach ourselves to.

We look after ourselves and want to be seen at our best 24/7. Always socialising around our local hotspots and eating at our trendy streets, suburbs or restaurants. Our thirst for the untapped is rarely quenched, therefore we accept change, adapt and embrace. We are also quick to move on, remove ourselves and pick another path. This makes us hard to read, hard to target and tough to convince.

Male grooming is a mountain we are only just starting to ascend. We know it’s there, we know it’s necessary… but do we want to get amongst it??

Black Leopard has arrived! A sleek, masculine, desirable and gender specific range that will have your back every day of the week.

A simple, no fuss range of products designed for the everyday man, the weekend warrior or the trendsetter within. Face, Body and Hair… Black Leopard will give you that distinction…. That class… and that edge.

Triple action formulas, that hydrate, replenish, rejuvenate and arouse the senses, will have you on the front foot every time. Put simply…. It works!

We’ve made a claim that we are Men’s skincare! and we want you to back us… join the leap and become involved in our journey.