Who We Are

Black Leopard, the only brand you will ever need to know when it comes to men-only skin care.

Formulated by Australia’s leading formulator and designed to accommodate the needs of men, Black Leopard Skin Care is not a women’s product dressed in male packaging, it has been created for men using only the best naturally-derived ingredients with a focus on quality and a constant quest for perfection.

Sleek, powerful and sophisticated, three words that encompass the Black Leopard brand and indeed the animal itself, these products are unmistakably masculine and will accommodate any male from ‘Work2Play’.

Black Leopard ventures to be the best.

Black Leopard is a family business with the father and son team delivering a product that speaks for itself.  Cutting no corners and hunting down some of the worlds most advanced scientifically proven ingredients, Black Leopard means business when it comes to MALE SKINCARE.


Men’s skin needs more intensive care to restore the hydration levels, especially after shaving, because the top layer of male skin (epidermis) is thicker.

Black Leopard’s skincare products use Triple-Action formulas to hydrate, rejuvenate and soothe all male skin types.

Black Leopard has carefully selected the very best in active ingredients that combine to create the most advanced delivery system in all premium skincare products.  This system ensures the hydration and regeneration affects are absorbed deeper into the epidermal layer, creating a younger more vibrant look and feel.

Premium active ingredients in Black Leopard skincare include:


Scientifically proven to help restore skin hydration levels by over 40% in just 1 day.


Helps protect and relieve skin from UV induced redness and discomfort.


A molecular film containing specific active ingredients with a high moisturising and regenerating effect.


This novel peptide is designed to fight the undesired effects of a lack of skin firmness and cohesion by enhancing the natural elements that maintain collagen levels and elastin fibres correctly assembled, and facilitating the union between cells.


A synergistic complex whose ingredients complement one another in regulating and inhibiting the inflammatory process.