What's real, good?

A routine that’ll keep you happy.

Prices that’ll keep your wallet happy.

Results that’ll keep your partner happy.

That's our introduction. Now, introduce Black Leopard to your bathroom.


Real, good reasons.

Tired of using products that never really felt like they had been made for men, Black Leopard set out to create a brand that was unmistakably masculine. A skincare range suitable for all men, all skin types, all ages and stages.

Real, good ingredients.

Our ingredients are naturally derived and scientifically proven. So they won’t harm your skin or the earth. And just like you, they’re active. Which means they actually work.

Real, good results.

Our pores are larger and our skin is thicker than a woman’s, so it makes sense we need to take extra care of it. Products that hydrate, rejuvenate, and soothe all male skin types. You’ll look and feel vibrant, healthier and younger.

Real, good products.

Simple and gender-specific products. You didn’t realise you needed them and we’re here to tell you: you do. Because how you look is a reflection of your self respect, effort, sophistication, and commitment.